For the Family

Interior Rooms, Facing North to Fort Davis

These rooms are ideal for guests that want stay toward the center of the hotel, further away from the main road.  Rooms face north toward the Davis Mountains. All rooms at the Desert Cactus Lofts feature private bathroom with full showers; there is a common bathroom with a tub in it to wash your little ones!

The Spaces

The Lynette Opal (Room 9) and the Kristen Nicole (Room 11) are next to one another, as our daughters can usually be found together around town with our grandsons- all four of them!  Rooms are airy and light, and feature more kid-friendly amenities such as books, games and other in-room entertainment options!

The Javelina Den

Room 13, the Javelina Den, features photos and books filled with information about local wildlife and the importance of these West Texas creatures to both our economy and our ecosystem.  Before you leave, you'll know full and well that no, it's NOT a pig!